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movie music composer

CinemaSpiel Interview: Claude Foisy, Music Composer for White Noise and Pontypool

I may not have been posting here very regularly but believe me, I've been a busy boy. I'm putting a lot of my efforts into a little movie discussion podcast called CinemaSpiel with partners-in-crime, Jason Whyte and Kyle Wells, with producer Lance Gilson and sound mixer Buddy Thatcher. The chit chat has been great, but I have to be honest, my favourite episodes are the ones … [Read More]

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Tide lines The Desert Fish

CinemaSpiel Interviews: Tide Lines and The Desert Fish

Tide Lines and The Desert Fish. Our interview series of the Victoria Film Festival continues for our brand spanking new, CinemaSpiel. Unfortunately Kyle Wells couldn’t join us but Jason Whyte and myself kept the machine moving with some pretty amazing guests. First, we spoke to producer Arwen Hunter and director Andrew Naysmith about their documentary Tide Lines, on OceanGybe and fighting […]

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Richie Mehta Siddharth

CinemaSpiel Interviews: Siddharth and Our Man in Tehran

The Victoria Film Festival is well underway and our merry band of CinemaSpiel podcasters (me, Jason Whyte and Kyle Wells) had the pleasure of interviewing not one, but two film makers. Thanks to our producer Lance Gilson, we had the pleasure of talking to Siddharth Director Richie Mehta as well as the creators of Iranian […]

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Movie Review of Elysium

Movie Review of Elysium

A few years ago, a new director named Neill Blomkamp was given a small amount of money ($40 million) from Peter Jackson that was apparently suppose to go to some HALO video game movie that never happened. The Vancouver Film School grad to0k that cash and made one of the most innovative and cool sci-fi […]

movie review of the Wolverine

Movie Review of The Wolverine

Wolverine has long been one of my favourite comic book heroes. When he’s written well, it’s hard to beat the strength of story: lone warrior in conflict with his animal instincts and the hard decisions he’s often forced to make. (hehe, that was fun to write but a little dramatic). One of the best story […]

movie review of pacific rim

Movie Review of Pacific Rim

I’ve been looking forward to this flick for a while. Guillermo del Toro does some amazing work when it comes to the fantastical: Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth…and here he was doing a summer blockbuster movie about robots fighting monsters. If anyone could create a believable world out of this 5-year old fantasy, it was del Toro. So […]

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