Review: Extract

Do you ever feel like you should like a movie more than you do?  Whether it’s the guy belly laughing in the front row that almost drowns out the audio or the girl behind you who feels the need to repeat what just happened to reinforce to herself how funny it was.  Oh yeah, that happened.

Extract was a surprise.  But not in that good surprise way.   A surprise in a “well, that kinda was crap” way.  Who knew?  I like all the actors.  They’re really funny in other things – Jason Bateman in pretty much everything (ok maybe not Silver Spoons.  Great, now I have the theme song in my head); Kristin Wiig, who is one of the only reasons Saturday Night Live is still giggle worthy; Mila Kunis…well she’s just easy on the senses; and Ben Affleck as a druggie bartender.  Ok, well he tried.  But all that other comedian goodness adds up to funny right?  Alas no…

Maybe it was the plot.  I kind of felt lied to right off the bat.  The movie was made by the guy that did Office Space and and here’s the Exact tagline, “The guy that brought you Office Space takes you back to the workplace.”  Only he really doesn’t.  Yes, a bit of the movie takes place in a vanilla extract factory while the rest of the story jumps all over the place – gigolos, Mary Jane (marijuana to you narcs), annoying neighbours, infidelity, lawsuits, thieves, mid-life crises and testicle removal.  And Gene Simmons.  And I wouldn’t mind any of this, IF IT STAYED IN THE WORK PLACE WHERE WE WERE TOLD THIS MOVIE WAS ABOUT!

Lie to your girlfriend, don’t lie to your audience.  (I said it)

So what is the movie about?  I don’t even know.  Guy manages and owns an extract factory.  Guy is unhappy in life.  Guy’s best friend pushes drugs to help him.  Guy thinks about cheating.  Guy is constantly annoyed by his neighbour.

You know.  While writing this, I can’t even make it sound interesting.

Basically if you liked Office Space, you probably still won’t like this.

1 ticket – not worth your time.
 Maybe I’m alone in my opinion.  Many reputable movie review sites and newspapers seem to love this movie.  Hell, 64 per cent of reviews on Rotten think I’m an idiot.  As for me?  I’m going home to watch Office Space again so I know I’ll be guaranteed to laugh.

Randomly Recommended
Great workplace comedy: Office Space – There’s nothing I can say here that hasn’t been said already.  Even if you’ve never lived the cubicle culture, you will find some to laugh at and relate to.


*Great workplace comedy honourable mention: Waiting… – And if you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, THIS is the workplace comedy you should pick up.

Ghost Town – Ok, Kristin Wiig is barely in this thing so I’m reaching a bit here but nobody went and saw this.  Ricky Gervais sees dead people…and they annoy him.  I went expecting nothing and now recommend it to anyone who will listen.  Great romantic comedy with british humour and thank god no sign of Hugh Grant.


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  1. Sheldon Johnson says:

    I did love Office Space…and Rolling Stone gave this 3 stars and Pete rarely steers me wrong.

    Maybe it’s just a renter.

    That being said, I’m always suspicious of any movie that casts Ben Affleck in a role that could be captured simply by filming him host a poker game in his own living room.

  2. Sheldon Johnson says:

    …and yes, I believe I will be staring at goats as soon as I am given the opportunity.

    There’s a great quote.

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