Review: Get Him to the Greek

The sorta spin-off, kinda…ish, of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is a grab bag of humour, heart and narcotics. Lots of narcotics.

With Get Him to the Greek, Jonah Hill and Russell Brand capture what Judd Apatow (this was produced by him) movies are suppose to be – Gross-out laughs with characters you root for. I can’t remember the last comedy I enjoyed this much.


Aaron Green (Hill) is a low-level record company executive who’s big idea is to get a washed-up Brit rock star (Brand) to put on a concert marking the 10th anniversary of his greatest success. The only problem is the rock star is an alcoholic druggie who rather enjoys the lifestyle and a boss (Sean “Puff/P Diddy” Combs) who would rather be an enabler than to help. So in order to get to The Greek, Allan has to survive the experience.

In order for a movie like this to be successful, you really have to like the two main characters. Not a problem. Hill plays a guy well over his head, trying to do his job, even when he’s not sure what that really is. Brand plays what you would expect if you’ve seen him on awards shows or interviews. Basically Captain Sparrow. What really surprised me was the actual heart he brought to the character as he’s usually known for being quite one-dimensional.

Special mention goes to Sean Combs Rose Byrne. Combs has a blast making fun of his mogul image and probably has some of the best lines in the movie. All I’ll say is the man does “The Carleton”. And Byrne, if you’ve seen her work on 28 Weeks Later and TV’s Damages, you’ll be blown away at the sex kitten rocker she plays here.

The story was pretty straightforward (the title kind of says it all) but that’s a good thing. I hate when comedies try to throw too much into a premise that is already working (pssst, we don’t always need car chases). I wouldn’t say it’s realistic but it certainly is plausible enough that we aren’t taken away from the story.

Something I wasn’t expecting was the music to be good. “The Clap,” “Fur Walls” and “Come for my Bangers” are just as inappropriate and funny as you’d think but also with some damn good melodies. Russell Brand is better as a fake rock star than most are actually doing it.

4 stars – you’d recommend this. It’s June already and I’d say this is one of the better movies I’ve seen this year. A good comedy about drug addiction, building relationships, and finding what you love…who knew.

Random Recommendations:
The Commitments (1991) – I have to watch this again. The music is worth a repeat listen alone. It’s about “the hardest working band” in Dublin, or at least when they’re not trying to kill each other or even bothering to show up. Keep in mind the band’s lead singer, Andrew Strong, was 17 when this was made. He sings like a man with history to tell. Not a chick flick. (sorry, thought that needed to be clarified).


Made (2001) – The movie Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn made after Swingers. Just two guys trying to get in with the Mob, unfortunately one of them is a self-destructive, annoying idiot and is getting them in more trouble than necessary. Noteworthy as the first movie Sean Combs was ever in and one of the most obnoxious characters ever played (yes, even by Vince Vaughn standards).


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  1. I wanted to see it before, but now this just became a must see . thanks for the tip.

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