Review: Inception

If Michael Mann’s Heat and the Wachowski Brothers’ Matrix had a beautiful, intense, intelligent baby, I’d name him/her: Inception.

Finally. FINALLY. We get a summer movie worth talking about. Christopher Nolan is proving over and over, from Momento to The Dark Knight that he knows how to deliver a big-budget action flick that doesn’t spoon feed its audiences but rather takes them on a ride they can immerse themselves in. Um, yeah. I liked it.


Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) are mind thieves, taking valuable secrets from the minds of CEOs or other prominent business leaders for a price. The real draw for Cobb isn’t the money but rather trying to find a way back to the States to see his kids, both of whom he hasn’t seen since he was mysteriously forced to leave the U.S. Of course this leads to the “one last job” for an uber-powerful business magnate (Ken Watanabe) so he can set things right, he only needs the help of an elite team (Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao) to do an “Inception”, planting an idea, into the head of the mogul’s competitor (Cillian Murphy).

(See the movie and I dare you to try to sum it up in three sentences without spoilers).

OK, I’m happy. The hype was huge for this movie. Coming off of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan had pressure to deliver and well, he did.

The funny thing is that Inception, the best 2010 summer blockbuster by far, isn’t even a “summer blockbuster” – you have to pay attention and think. WHAT?! Yep, you read that right. The twists and multi-layered aspects of the film (both visual and mental) will have you deeply talking about the film long after it’s over. FYI – if you have a hard time following movies with multi-storylines, stay far, far away from this flick.

With the cast, there’s not a missed note in the bunch. Leonardo DiCaprio is firing them out of the park lately. His character here has a lot in common with that of his Shutter Island role, tortured and affected by his family, but here he’s taken about 4 levels beyond that. Joseph Gordon-Levitt…I won’t lie, I’m a little gay for him. He’s definitely an actor to pay attention to, whether he’s boldly balancing DiCaprio’s character or his zero-gravity fight scene, he does well in the big and small moments. Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy…all took characters that could have been one notes and played a tune with them. I can’t forget Marion Cotillard, who may not have been on screen much but she was a force even when she wasn’t.

Yes, this is a visual movie but much like his previous work, Nolan doesn’t rest on the eye candy but rather makes everything mean something. It also means you have to take this ride with him…and no, answers won’t be revealed right away. They will come and they will hit you like a train. This is one of the most kinetic movies I’ve ever seen, for your mind and for your action addiction, and I dare you to not have that soundtrack in your head after you leave. Inception is worth the money and the investment.

5 stars – tell everyone you know. Christopher Nolan may not have the body of work of a Scorsese or a Coppolla, but with another amazing effort, he’ll be at that level fast. Run, don’t walk, to Inception. Don’t let the 2 ½ hour run time scare you, it’ll be over before you know it…and want it to be.

Random Recommendations
The Lookout (2007) – I mentioned earlier that Gordon-Levitt is doing some pretty impressive stuff so I was looking forward to recommending this. It is billed as a crime thriller but it’s also about overcoming who you are and who you could have been. Great dialogue and pretty damn intense.


The Shipping News (2001) – I like this more than sum. Maybe it’s a stab at the Newfoundland accent, or maybe it’s Kevin Spacey. I have yet to read the book (which I’m sure is better, stop telling me) but this “fish out of water” story may have a bleak visual, but it’s the hope and humour that make it a good movie. And add Judi Dench, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett and you’re sold. (it’s better than the trailer)


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  1. Usually do not be fooled, yet, into pondering you will find unique ideas at work right here. Just as “The Matrix” was a clever mish-mash of the dozen excellent, but old, tips, so too is “Inception.” The tips existing below happen to be a component of science fiction for sixty years. The type you study, not check out.

  2. We’ve gotten into the place where by a movie that wanders remotely away the reservation stuns and wows us and leads us to believe it truly is amazing. “Inception” is not a terrible film. It happens to be certainly superior than anything else Hollywood has to deliver this yr. Neither, having said that, is it fantastic.

  3. I won’t presume to promise you’re going to love “Inception,” but I can safely say your intelligence won’t be insulted. Within the rules set up by the filmmakers, the story is ingeniously plotted and well paced without ever seeming rushed. It’s the first time in several years I’ve heard an audience gasp at a movie. And for once I believed Leo DiCaprio was a grownup. Even with the two-and-a-half hour running time — it didn’t seem that long — there’s not much time for character development, and yet the actors do a great job. I was particularly impressed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I won’t tell you more about the plot, as I strongly suggest you go into it as ignorant of the content as possible. Just make sure you’re awake and ready to engage. This is one summer movie that insists you DON’T check your brains at the door. Thank you, Christopher Nolan, for giving us all a little credit!

  4. Nolan is the director who brilliant.outstanding. DiCaprio stars. I desire to say you the true statement, it was worthy the wait.

  5. Inception was one of the most confusing movies I’ve ever seen! I liked it, but through out the whole movie I just kept on saying, “WHAT THE HECK!?!?” I have to see it again, it was certainely unique!

  6. Tomoko Berendt says:

    To principle that an idea might be placed in someone’s thoughts despite the fact that dreaming is fascinating but I never believe it’s as confusing and intricate since the plot of this motion picture. I presume I lost my ability to root for this flick once they kept expressing “are we in a goal or is this reality?”

  7. Don’t listen to any nay-sayers pertaining to this movie flick..
    . they are obviously brain dead teenagers who aren’t outdated enough to understand this kind of intellectual viewing.. This can be a quite considered provoking video that You might have to maintain up with, no going to your bathroom or concession stand or you are going to be dropped the rest belonging to the tv show! Go see at theatre for the reason that specific side effects alone are enough to want to check out dvd!

  8. Ok…so overall it was a good motion picture…in a way…The story was surely perplexing and tough to catch on to..however the visible effects ended up being astounding! The acting (specifically by Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Site) was definitely wonderful as well..but I nonetheless didn’t actually understand what was heading on. I obtained the basics of it while. And I think plenty of persons will agree with me.

  9. 3-D, Avatar-like visuals weren’t required to produce this a great film, but its nevertheless a brilliant steps thriller without a doubt really worth seeing in IMAX mainly because with the completely different worlds Nolan explores with the goals. At one position, you see Gordon-Levitt traveling by means of a hotel hallway in zero gravity, then rapidly to an avalanche while in the mountains. In the aspiration entire world, the visuals are limitless.

  10. This storyline and idea that Nolan continues to be working on given that he was a teenager is executed beautifully. It is usually an Original notion that is NOT dependent off of a book, comic, or older cinema. I ensure you are going to have to find out it twice to fully understand this terrific, 2.five hour film encounter. I will surely be seeing it once more. You might possibly really feel lost at factors during the movie, but stick with it. Inception is really a thought-provoker.

  11. Maisie Ewers says:

    Fine…so complete it absolutely was a great movie…inside a way…The tale was truly perplexing and hard to catch on to..however the visual results ended up being incredible! The acting (especially by Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Site) was surely beneficial as well..but I nonetheless didn’t truly comprehend what was planning on. I got the fundamentals of it despite the fact that. And I imagine plenty of citizens will agree with me.

  12. I thought the acting was stiff, plus the visuals were a little bleak. The dvd movie is way as well long, and it’s no Matrix that’s for certain. I understood the idea and all, however it was a tad as well lengthy winded for my taste. I imagined Ellen Web page was excellent. Would I suggest this cinema? No! Conserve it for a rental. It really is just like a Vanilla Sky meets the Matrix with less beautiful visuals. Also, you have to be a thinker. If you’re not…surely skip this single. 8 many people walked out for the showing we went to. I wouldn’t observe it again!

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