Review: 127 Hours

THE SETUP: Idiotic but resourceful loner (James Franco) goes exploring in the bush only to find himself pinned under an immovable rock by his right arm. Did I mention he didn’t tell anyone where he was? True story.


THE THOUGHTS: This movie is a one-man show. Much like Tom Hanks’ Castaway, the whole film lives and dies by Franco’s performance and he pulls it off. There’s not a minute you aren’t engrossed in the story of Aron Rolston. In his constant pursuit of “changing it up” with every new film, director Danny Boyle presents a scenically beautiful yet claustrophobic and terrifying tale of what one man will do to survive. And what he does is pretty disgusting. It’s hard to imagine what you would do in the same circumstance but, a bit of the fun of the movie, is asking yourself and others that very question. The whole movie leads up to the final moment, displaying the lengths he will go to to survive. You’ll look away. You’ll feel like passing out. You’ll be glad you went along with Boyle and Franco. Oscar? Close but well worth it.

127 HOURS Rating:
4 stars – you’d recommend this. Graphically worse than any horror movie I can remember, this story of survival is amazing to watch and harder to believe happened. The real life Aron Rolston said this was as close to a documentary as you could get.

Random Recommendations
An American Crime (2007) – There’s the survival brutality as in 127 Hours and then there’s just sick, inhumane sadism. Welcome to an American Crime. Another true story about a housewife (Catherine Keener) that kept a teenager (Ellen Page) locked in her basement and how ordinary people can do the most grotesque things.


Marathon Man (1976) – Not a simple link to 127 Hours with this one. Treat Williams (Franco’s Dad) is uncredited in this class thriller.  A student (Dustin Hoffman) has a little too much going on as he’s mixed up with diamonds and Nazis. This movie contains one of the most legendary cinematic scenes: Lawrence Olivier as an evil dentist.


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