Missed or Forgotten: Danny Boyle

THE SETUP: He came to prominence in 2008 with his Best Picture and Director nods for Slumdog Millionaire and he’s now enjoying further attention with 127 Hours. Both amazing movies and that’s what’s great about Boyle, he doesn’t do bad and he doesn’t do the same thing over again. Every film has brought something to the table and they’ve all been vastly different then the last. In my inaugural blog post of Missed or Forgot, I’m throwing out my Top 3 (no particular order…I mean it) Boyle flicks that aren’t the ones I’ve mentioned.

Sunshine (2007) – an (almost) star studded cast including Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh, Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne and Mark Strong are sent out to restart the sun like a pilot light. Of course, like these movies usually go, the sun-thing is just one of their problems as they run into some of that outer space evil. Cliché? Yes. But good actors and directing raise the bar.

The Beach (2000) – Was the book better? Hell yes. But name me a single book that isn’t better than the movie. In this case, it’s still entertaining as hell with post-Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio to Thailand to reach a backpackers’ oasis. Backstabbing, guns, jealousy…the usual fun through the eyes of a 20-something slacker. Beautiful scenery and enjoyable escapism.

A Life Less Ordinary (1997) – a love story between janitor Ewan McGregor and his boss’s kidnapped daughter Cameron Diaz. Pretty straightforward except for the police, thugs and fallen angels in pursuit. Yes, I said fallen angels. Not a typical romance but worth the ride.

Honourable mentions: Trainspotting and 28 Weeks Later…but I’m guessing those weren’t as missed or forgotten.

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