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Please welcome Shae “Chick Flick Guy” Greenfield to Good Film Hunting. Shae has a love for all things romantic comedy – the good, the bad and the movies of Kate Hudson. Thankfully, to cover this underappreciated genre, he will be stepping to guest blog from time to time to save me from spending my time in dark room with Ashton Kutcher. The views of Shae Green field may not be my own, but they do come from a place of “chick flick love.”

THE SETUP: The emotionally detached Emma (the ever adorable Natalie Portman) and newly single Adam (Ashton Kutcher) decide to take their friendship up a notch (by taking their pants off) and become “friends with benefits” in this romantic comedy from producer Ivan Reitman.


THE THOUGHTS: Every single plot twist in this formulaic romantic comedy was predictable. Still, if you’re going to see a romantic comedy, it’s not for the complexity. Portman is adorable in the role of the reluctant romantic, while Kutcher is characteristically likable. In many ways, though, it’s the supporting cast that make this movie, with Kevin Kline perfectly cast as Kutcher’s outlandish celebrity dad, while Lake Bell and The Office’s Mindy Kaling bring the funny more than enough to make this movie equal parts romantic and comedy.

3 stars – good movie, take a friend . This is by no means a classic. But it’s a funny movie with a happily ever after. And if you’re inclined to see a romantic comedy, it’s because you’re looking for a movie with a happily ever after.

Random Recommendations:
When Harry Met Sally (1989) – You can’t have a conversation about movies about friends becoming more without discussing When Harry Met Sally.


Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992) – Sure… There are a lot of Ivan Reitman movies I could have recommended (perhaps as iconic as Animal House). But with Betty White riding the crest of her comeback, I thought it only appropriate to highlight another former Golden Girl, Estelle Getty, who plays the meddling mother to a gruff Sylvester Stallone. Getty brings down an organized crime ring and teaches her son a thing or two. For the record, Stallone rates this as his worst movie ever.


Sorry Shae. I found this to be more entertaining:


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  1. How dare you mock one of the greatest mother/son action movies of our time!

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