Review: The Adjustment Bureau

THE SETUP: A soon-to-be Congressman, with a bad boy reputation (Matt Damon), meets a dancer (Emily Blunt) by chance. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the plan for them to be together. Love would be a lot easier if a group of “fate herders” from an episode of Mad Men weren’t enforcing cosmic law, trying to tear them apart.


THE THOUGHTS: Yes, it’s another case of boy meets girl, boy loses girl to case study workers from the great beyond. From the commercials, you would have thought this had an Inception vibe to it with lots of action…sorry, no dice (but do go see Inception). Damon and Blunt are great together, tons of chemistry but the story would have been so much more intense, if we didn’t feel like we knew how it would all turn out. Good: the interaction between Damon and Blunt, and Damon and his BFF/campaign manager, as well as the special effect with the doors. Bad: the rest felt “meh.” No WOW moments, not emotionally and not with special effects. The back up cast did help the story …it’s always great to see Terence Stamp in anything, John Slattery (Roger from Mad Men) is alway fun to watch and I’d like to see Anthony Mackie in more stuff. But, the sum of the parts don’t necessarily make a whole engaging movie.

2 stars – it’s a renter. A film worth seeing, just not to pay theatre money for. Check it out when it comes out on video.

Random Recommendations
Blade Runner (1982) – There has been far more crap movies made from Philip K. Dick’s stories than gems, but, when it’s good…it’s grand. This film was far ahead of its time and continues to stand out as how to mix laser gun science fiction  with cerebral science fiction, and to do it brilliantly.


Inside Job (2010) – Narrated by Matt Damon, this documentary just won an Oscar. Why? Well, it’s very well told, it explains the reasons for the world economic crisis simply (as much as you can) and it’ll piss you off.



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