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THE SETUP: After having his heart broken, Danny (Adam Sandler) turns to a life of lying and womanizing in an effort to avoid any future heartbreak. Along the way, Danny stumbles into love but when his years of lying catch up with him, he turns to long-time assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) and her two kids to help him tie up the loose ends of his lies.

THE THOUGHTS: Boy meets girl. Boy gets hurt by girl. Boy finds new girl. Boy and girl both realize that they’ve been in love with each other all along. It’s a setup as old as romantic comedies go. There are no complicated plot twists and Sandler turns in as hammy a performance as ever. Really, he’s only ever acted in two movies (Reign Over Me and Spanglish). And it should tell you something about the credibility of the movie when the role of the plain and overlooked friend is played by Jennifer Aniston. But the movie is really saved by the kids (Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck) and the tremendous work of Nick Swardson, who plays Danny’s cousin and really keeps the laughs coming.

1 star – not worth your time. If you REALLY like Adam Sandler and REALLY adore Jennifer Aniston, enjoy. Other than that it’s really not worth an investment of time.

Random Recommendations:
Hitch (2005): Another boy turns womanizer to avoid getting hurt again story. Will Smith and Kevin James are a solid comedic duo, with James’s knack for physical comedy and Smith’s cool goofiness (that’s a thing, right?).

Doc Hollywood (1991): Because Michael J. Fox is my hero. Fox plays a big city doctor, planning to make the move from the craziness of a D.C. emergency room to the posh life of a swanky Los Angeles plastic surgery clinic. Along the way, he gets diverted in small town America. In the process, he falls in love and rediscovers what’s really important in life.

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