Missed or Forgotten: Jennifer Lopez

THE SETUP: You could almost hear the nail in the coffin when Jennifer Lopez decided to do the generic romantic comedy The Wedding Planner. Before that, she was doing some pretty great films – sexy, original, edgy, dark…all the good stuff. Unfortunately, once she hit “romcom” status, we soon were blasted with Jenny from the Block, Bennifer, Gigli, American Idol and an amazing mockery on South Park. I know we love it when stars crash and burn but I wish we could have held on to her a little longer.

U Turn (1997) – Before Oliver Stone made crap, he was a must-see director. JFK, Platoon and this. It was a bit of a departure for the political auteur but it was a welcome one. You’ll get whiplash with the parade of star actors – Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Billy Bob Thorton, Claire Danes, Joaquin Phoenix, Powers Boothe. Let’s just say a lot. A man trying to get out of town gets pulled into betrayal, lies, scandal and murder. It’s a blast to watch.

Out of Sight (1998) – I’ve mentioned this movie before in my recommendations and I will continue to recommend until everyone sees it. It’s that good. Director Steve Soderbergh presents a Elmore Leonard story of a criminal (George Clooney) and federal marshall (Lopez) who just can’t stay away from one another. Equal parts funny, sexy and smart.

The Cell (2000) – Warning: Kids plug your ears. This movie is a MIND F#&K. First, you have to believe Vince Vaughn can play intense and moody (he can). Second, you have to believe you can go into other peoples’ dreams (you can’t but it’s cool to think so). Third, and most important, you have to believe Jennifer Lopez as a psychiatrist (tough one but worth trying). This is a visual buffet of disturbing, abstract, awesome images as an FBI agent and psychiatrist go into the mind of a serial killer to determine where his current victim is before it’s too late. Scaaaaaarey.

Honourable Mentions:
My rule with Good Film Hunting recommendations is I can only suggest movies I’ve seen. I’d hate to point you to a movie I’ve heard is good but can’t vouch for myself. So, though Selena is supposed to be quite good, you’ll have to go on what you’ve heard from others. What I can give an honourable mention to is Anaconda. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s about a big snake. And yes, it’s entertaining as hell.

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