Review: Limitless

A  failed writer (aka clichéd loser) played by Bradley Cooper takes a wonder drug to allow himself to use 100% of his brainpower to reach his potential and beyond. Nothing comes easy of course as big business (Robert DeNiro), the Russian mob and his own ego threaten to stop the ride.


It wasn’t a movie I was looking forward to nor did I know a lot about it beyond the trailer. That’s probably a good thing. A fun thriller with a cool visual style that will keep you involved right until the end. Not bad Bradley Cooper. For an actor that hadn’t really been given a “leading man” type role (see: A-Team, The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, etc.), he certainly steps up to take on a heavyweight like DeNiro. Keep in mind, we’re not talking Shakespeare here. This movie won’t be up for an Academy Awards but it’s not supposed to. The tranformation from loser to brainiac is very cool to watch and Cooper plays it brilliantly. DeNiro doesn’t add much to the movie other than IT IS ROBERT DENIRO…which his fun. And Abbie Cornish, the love interest, is really under utilized but does well with the time she’s given. I was also pleasantly surprised the movie didn’t follow the typical “guy gets burned trying to find a life shortcut” moralistic storyline that a flick like this usually does. Any chance to avoid stereotypes is a good thing…well maybe except the failed writer type.

3 stars – good movie, take a friend. A decent movie popping up amongst the usual crap January/February/March releases. Certainly not a movie you have to see in the theatres but one you won’t be disappointed checking out.

Random Recommendations
The Illusionist (2006) – Um, Jessica Biel…what are you doing here? A turn of the century tale of magic and slight of hand with Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti and that Biel-person. (Ok, she’s attractive. End of list).  With some fun plot twists and cool, though subtle, visuals, it’s worth a rent.


Midnight Run (1988) – There’s just something about buddy movies from the eighties. Lethal Weapon, Beverley Hills Cop…and the story of an embezzler, a bounty hunter and a whole lot of money. You can tell Charles Grodin and Robert DeNiro were having a blast filming this. It was also the first taste of DeNiro doing comedy and the surprise then was that he pulled it off. A great movie that stands up pretty good today as it did more than 20 years ago.


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