Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

THE SETUP: Based on a Michael Connelly book, a slick defense lawyer (Matthew McConaughy) known for working out of his Lincoln town car and his ability to work with known criminals takes on a case he’s not so sure about. The son (Ryan Philippe) of a rich Beverly Hills family is charged with murder. Was he framed or has he done this before?


OK, I’m going to say it: Matthew McConaughy should only play dudes and lawyers. He knocks it out of the park with his laid back charm and humour but it only seems to serve him well when he’s not pursuing Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez or Sara Jessica Parker. The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the best roles he’s had in years. He gets some help from Marisa Tomei (his ex-wife), William H. Macy (his investigator) and Josh Lucas (opposing council), but none of which really have any moments that really shine. So we’re left with the story. It’s good, not great. Certainly not a lot of surprises here with one “twist” in the ending that really wasn’t necessary.  Philippe plays his part well but come on, the guy just looks like a spoiled jerk, and so it isn’t much of a stress for him to play one. Yep, this movie is all McConaughy. And yes ladies, he does take off his shirt. And yes gentlemen, the rest of the movie is worth it.

3 stars – good movie, take a friend. The law drama isn’t a classic but it’ll entertain – in the courtroom and out of it. I’m actually recommending a Matthew McConaughy movie.

Random Recommendations
Lone Star (1996) – I could have been predictable and gone with McConaughy’s A Time to Kill or Dazed and Confused…and those are both definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen them, but this gem is a little more complicated and a lot less popular. John Sayle’s writes and directs a murder mystery that unveils a lot more than the characters and the viewer may want. Sorry, couldn’t find an embeddable video. Click here:

Reversal of Fortune
(1990) – There’s movie courtroom dramas and there are MOVIE COURTROOM DRAMAS. Based on a the true story of Claus Von Bulow (Jeremy Irons) and the attempted murder of his wife Sunny (Glenn Close). Did he do it? Didn’t he? This movie will entertain the hell out of you and you may still have questions. Amazingly acted, phenomenally written.


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  1. Just bought my tickets online for The Lincoln Lawyer this Friday!! Can’t wait to finally see it

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