Review: Sucker Punch

THE SETUP: An orphan named Baby Doll (Emily Browning) is sent to an insame asylum by her stepfather who pays off hospital staff to lobotomize her to make her forget the atrocities his committed to her family. Baby Doll’s only escape is by joining with her fellow inmates and using her imagination, and some apparently slutty dancing, to set them all free.


THE THOUGHTS: This has all the geek ingredients for sweet eyeball candy – kung fu, scantily clad females, zombie German soldiers, dragons and 10 foot tall samurais. So why do I feel like I was just beaten up and had my milk money stolen? This was nothing more than a music video with over the top acting, blaring music, fast editing and spectacle. The difference is a music video clocks in at 3 minutes. This was a very long 110. Acting? Wooden. Action? Too much.  Script? It had one? If Sucker Punch had been a TV show, I would have PVRed it and treated the “dramatic moments” like commercials – just crap stopping me from getting to the good stuff. And, that’s not to say the action wasn’t good, it just needed some restraint. There was one scene where I had to look at my watch (never a good sign) because the robot ninja soldiers were taking too long to be destroyed. And I do love me some robot ninja soldiers. I walked out of this movie trying to figure out what I liked. I had to think very hard. Scott Glenn as the wise man I liked. End of list.

1 star – not worth your time. A craptacular flick from the director of 300 and the Dawn of the Dead remake. He should have known better and, if he had, we would have not been sucker punched by this waste of time. Great trailer, poopy film.

Random Recommendations
Silverado (1985) – You just can’t be a great western, and this one is pretty damn good. A star-studded cast including Scott Glen, Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover and Brian Dennehy tells fun story of revenge and redemption. Isn’t that what all westerns should do?


Mask (1985) – So how does this movie have anything to do with Sucker Punch? Well there is a method to my madness in Random Recommendations. You want a movie about strong women well here’s one with an actual story and acting. A true story too. Cher is mother to Rusty Dennis (Eric Stoltz), a kid with cranioaphysealdysplasia (a rare bone disorder that is disfiguring and causes neurological problems & death). Heart felt and gut wrenching.


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