Review: Green Lantern

THE SETUP: A cocky test pilot (are there other kinds?) with little direction in life is thrust into the role of a Green Lantern – a space cop among an entire Corps. His first big fight – to woo Blake Lively, to be accepted by his new peers, and beat a big yellow bad guy that consumes fear. It’s OK, he’s got a fancy ring.

THE THOUGHTS: If you’ve been paying attention, Marvel comics is kicking ass at this movie thing – Iron Man, X-Men, THOR, Spider-Man and soon to be Captain America. DC comics…well they have Batman. So the pressure to hit it out of the park with Green Lantern was huge. Did they? Maybe more of a double than a home run. Ryan Reynolds does a decent job of playing the lead but unfortunately it’s a guy who fails at everything, whines all the time and hides behind his bravado. Which is fine if it wasn’t played by RYAN REYNOLDS. Kind of hard to relate to and connect with him, which isn’t good when he’s suppose to be this “everyman” entering this fantastic world. It was a casting missed opportunity. Hell, a lot of the cast was wasted in their roles or had roles that were utterly useless – Tim Robbins, Angela Bassett, Steven Sarsgaard. Blake Lively actually stood out as the love interest/test pilot/boss and did a lot better than I would have thought (don’t see her in any interviews, you’ll get the same low expectations).

So that covers the cast, so how was the action and story…Well, the action I’ll give a pass. This is a summer blockbuster so you have to bring the goods and I found the effects impressive. Not great but really good. You felt he could fly around and make things with his ring, which is what it should do. As for the story, besides all the casting problems, it still was not great with the biggest issue that a lot of actions made no sense. For example: you have an army of Green Lanterns, you are threatened by the biggest villain you’ve ever faced, and you send the rookie in by himself. WTF?!

1 star – not worth your time. DC’s attempt to establish their next big thing looks to have fizzled. Better supporting cast, a hero we can actually root for and sympathize with, and a more focused storyline would help a lot.

Random Recommendations
Superman II (1980) – Sure I could have gone with the first Superman movie but this is the one I will always go back to as the best of all of them. Christopher Reeve was Superman for me growing up. I hope they are able to recapture that in the upcoming remake Man of Steel. If not, we still have this great Richard Donner directed flick.

Garden State (1987) – Peter Sarsgaard is wasted in Green Lantern (not properly used, not so much drunk) but he’s a great actor who’s done some impressive work. He may not have been the star of this movie but certainly adds a lot to Zach Braff’s directorial debut. Plus Natalie Portman in one of her best roles.




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