Review: Bridesmaids

THE SETUP: So you think your life sucks? Annie (Kristin Wiig) lives with terrible roommates, has a job only because her mom’s friend took pity on her, is infatuated with a guy that only uses her for sex, and her biggest shot at success was an total failure. A perfect time to help organize her best-friend’s wedding as the maid of honour with the help of a control freak (Rose Byrne) that may or may be a better best friend than she is. It doesn’t go smoothly.

THE THOUGHTS: I can’t remember the last time there was a female ensemble that was this funny. Usually when a large group of women are presented in a movie, it’s to cry over something (i.e. Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias), trash the opposite sex (ie. Beauty Shop) or to show you a lifestyle you’ll never have (re: Sex and the City). Thankfully this is none of these.  Smart, funny, heartfelt…and gross. In a summer season full of explosions, sequels and paper-thin scripts, Bridesmaids gives us something refreshing – Kristin Wiig. She’s great in this, not a typical leading lady (too funny, too cute, too gorgeous) which makes her that much more relatable. Her story of trying to get back what she lost is, including some direction in her life, is told in a genuine way that doesn’t patronize or seem formulaic.

The entire cast is spot on with the male gender well represented in Jon Hamm and Chris O’Dowd, as the lecherous, shallow ass guy Kristin thinks she wants and the guy she’s not quite ready for (respectively). Directed by Paul Feig, the guy who produced Freaks and Geeks, the good seasons of The Office and Nurse Jackie, and produced by Judd Apatow, Mr. Knocked Up, Funny People and 40-Year-Old Virgin, so you know you’ll be entertained.

4 stars – you’d recommend this. A movie for both genders that isn’t about weddings but rather getting back a sense of purpose in your life. Yep, it might sound deep but then you’ll cry laughing at the food poisoning in the bridal shop. Cleanse your summer movie palette with this.

Random Recommendations
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) – Yep, I went really dark with this recommendation. Old too. But it was hard to find something with strong female roles that didn’t fall under those 3 categories. This is an amazing story of a former child star who takes out her frustration and malice on her younger sister. Definitely not for the laughs.

Away We Go (1987) – Maya Rudolph plays a great best-friend in Bridesmaids and is just as amazing in this Sam (American Beauty) Mendes movie. Her and her husband played by John Krasinski are on the road, trying to find the best place to live to raise their soon-to-arrive kid. Funny, real and extremely well written.

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