Review: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

THE SETUP: After getting to White Castle and escaping Guantanamo Bay, a couple of stoners who have grown apart only to be brought together on Christmas Eve to find the perfect tree. The only thing in their way – the mob, drugs, timing, stupidity and Neil Patrick Harris (NPH).

THE THOUGHTS: The Harold and Kumar movies, though not for everyone, do have a bit of charm. You can’t help but like the two main characters (John Cho and Kal Penn respectively) as they get into one stupid situation after another. Is this the best of the trilogy? Well it has a bigger budget. And that’s really where the majority of interest in this movie should lie. The 3D is pretty awesome. From eggs to candy canes to waffle batter, the use of 3D special effects is better than most films I’ve seen in the last few years ( read: Clash of the Titans and Alice in Wonderland). Where the first two movies either were directly for the stoners or making a political comment, this one is really about visiting these characters with a statement on growing up. Not any break through for acting here as  Cho and Penn slip comfortably back into these roles. Of course, you come for them but stay for NPH. Over the top and hilarious, he makes fun of himself while pretty much stealing the show. Think Barney from How I Met Your Mother with less morals, bigger ego and no censor. I don’t think we need another Harold and Kumar movie but this is a nice end to the series.

2 stars – it’s a renter. 
If you like your Christmas movies raunchy , inappropriate and funnyish, rent this bad boy. At the very least, for NPH alone. Due to the 3D, (and the coast of those TVs), you’ll probably have to see this in the theatre to get the full effect.

Random Recommendations

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (2004) – Where the stoner adventure started. A fun introduction to a couple of buddies with the munchies and the first of a series of nights from hell. As per the other two movies, NPH takes it.

Dazed and Confused (1993) – Arguably the greatest of the stoner films, and it happens to be a pretty damn funny film too. A collection of up and coming actors (Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Mila Jovovich, Parker Posey, etc.) in director/writer Richard Linklater’s look at high school in 1973.

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