Speed Hunting: Round-Up of Recent Worthwhile Movies

My bad. I’ve been away from my movie-review blogging duties for some time so I thought I’d go for the “wham-bam” approach. Just tell you which movies are worth a look from the last few months. As usual, your kudos, disagreements and suggestions are always welcome in the comments.

The Artist – It’s quiet. It’s different. It’s the first silent movie to win Best Picture in a gazillion years. And it is worth checking out. Sure there’s a bit of a novelty to it but when’s the last time you saw a black and white silent movie? Add to the fact that it’s actually a fun, old timey movie that you don’t see very often, it’s worth a view. Just be in the mood for it.

Bully – a controversially rated movie (U.S. censors wanted to give it an R-rating due to a couple of “F” words) that puts the spotlight on 5 teens who have been affected by bullying. Actually, it’s more like 3 teens and two families that were dealing with the deaths of their bullied kids. Though it might feel a tad manipulative in its storytelling, it does bring to light the anger and frustration at a system that thinks ignoring a problem will make it go away. Great doc? No. Worthwhile doc? yes.

21 Jump Street – Well this one snuck up on me. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum do not scream “MUST SEE MOVIE” but the nostalgia of the TV show with the hilarious comparisons to high school then and now really brought something to the table. O’Neil has some comedy skillz and Hill, though not necessarily capable of carrying a movie, plays well off his partner. Might not be for everyone but still a fun movie.

John Carter – I’m suppose to hate this right? The marketing sucks, every critic almost had a mandate of hatred when reviewing it, blah blah blah. I’m sorry. It was good. Every adventure, sci-fi flick in the past 100 years has ripped off something from this movie. Yes, that’s right, John Carter was first out of the literary gate…they just couldn’t get their crap together to do the movie thing. I thought the special effects were great, as were the action scenes. If any thing needed  help it was the running time (little long) and the lead actor Taylor “mouth breather” Kitsch. He was fine but he didn’t have to huff and puff every line. If you missed it in the theatres, I hope you have a kickass big TV. Best way to see it. FYI – this movie was so badly marketed that even the director thought this fan-made trailer was better:

Hunger Games – OK, so Bully get’s an “R” for foul language and this movie about kids killing kids is PG. What now? OK, that’s another rant. Fun movie. Jennifer Lawrence is really on her way as a movie star.

Movies to Miss: Adventures of Tin Tin (Sensory overload in a bad way ) and 30 Minutes or Less (I care about these characters, why?)

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