Review: Skyfall

THE SETUP: MI6 doesn’t look to have the best human resources department as a disgruntled former employee (Javier Bardem) targets M (Judi Dench) and the City of London. James Bond (Daniel Craig) steps up to defend his boss in this 50th anniversary of the super spy.

THE THOUGHTS: If you’re worried this is more “Quantum” than “Casino”, you can put those fears away. For this anniversary edition, James Bond gets back to basics with some great nods to the character’s literary history as well as the previous films, equal parts Connery and Moore. The film really had a nostalgia feel to it while still providing the modern feel that Daniel Craig has brought to the role. So what do you want from a Bond flick? Let’s see…

The good guys: In this 3rd outing for Craig, he’s really comfortable in the role. As I mentioned, he really brings the physical ala Connery but with the sparkle in his eye of Roger Moore. It’s a great combo. Judi Dench elevates her position as M (this is her 7th time in the role) with a lot more to play with that she has had previously…and she makes the most of it. New characters: Ralph Fiennes, spy Eve and the new Q add a lot in the little time they get.

The villain: you want over the top when it comes to the bond villains. Done. Definitely a far cry from his NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN role, it’s amazing to watch Bardem do his thing. He brings the evil humour and stole his scenes, especially the first interaction with Bond.

The action: shootouts, wrecked subways, destroyed trains. Actually, if I had any complaints for this movie, it would be the action could have been a touch increased after the kickass opening sequence, but at two and a half hours, there wasn’t much room to add with out removing some of the character moments.

5 stars – tell everyone you know. If you were hoping to get your Bond fix, this will set you up. For those non-Bond fans, you’ll enjoy the action and intensity (and definitely Bardem) while the die-hards will remember why they love these movies.

Random Recommendations
Layer Cake (2004) – this was the movie that not only proved Daniel Craig could lead a movie, but that he could also be a damn good James Bond. Here he’s a criminal trying to retire but unfortunately his soon to be former bosses have other ideas (that old chestnut). Yep, it sounds like a tired formula but it’s a darn good movie. Be prepared for thick English accents.

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  1. The key indicator for me will be the opening credits! I don’t know how they can top Casino Royale with Chris Cornell’s wicked You Know My Name and that amazing gambling animation…but I am holding my breath to see what they do with it. The rest will be awesome of course.

    Incidentally, I popped on Live And Let Die yesterday. What a vapid film. Moore was just so unbelievable in my opinion. Not tough, not very smart and creepy with the girls. Endless – I mean endless – chase scenes and a ridiculous plot. There was nowhere to go but up after this turkey!

  2. The opening credits were pretty great. I wouldn’t say they trump Casino Royale but it does do a great mix of the new/old aka cool graphics/naked women. And Adele is a bit of awesome.

    Live and Let Die (besides the Wings theme song) was a pretty forgettable film. Roger Moore was very up and down with his films but Moonraker has to take it as the worst. THE WORST. I’d have to vote for The Spy Who Loved Me as his best.

  3. So who’s the best Bond villain ever? Something for a Facebook post perhaps?

  4. Very good question and definitely one to be shared on the new page. I think I’ll get on that. My two cents: Auric Goldfinger…and Sean Bean was pretty good in his Pierce Brosnan one.

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