Review: Seven Psychopaths

THE SETUP: A screen writer (Colin Farrell) having a hard time writing his script for a movie called “Seven Psychopaths” suddenly finds himself in the middle of some psychotic behaviour courtesy of his best friend (Sam Rockwell), his business partner (Christopher Walken) and guy that loves his dog a little too much (Woody Harrelson). Wonder if it’ll help his writing?

THE THOUGHTS: Six reasons you should see this movie…

  1. The narrative. Jumping from reality to script explanations to somewhere in between, it’s a fun way to tell a story.
  2. The surprises. There’s a few, including the fact that many characters don’t hang around as much as you think they will. (come on! How’s that spoilerish?)
  3. Tom Waits. The musician with the unmistakable voice doesn’t do a lot of movies, and many aren’t good, but when he does show up…he’s awesome.
  4. In Bruges. Writer/director Martin McDonagh has already delivered a pretty fantastic previous movie with Colin Farrell, and this one delivers as well.
  5. The writing. Smart. Funny. But without feeling forced. Between the violence, there are some great back and forth moments between characters that really stand out. The repartee with Walken, Farrell and Rockwell driving out to the desert comes to mind.
  6. The dog. That’s a damn cute Shitzu.

and one reason you shouldn’t.

7. Not a lot of heart. You’ll like the characters well enough but beyond maybe Christopher      Walken’s character, you won’t sympathize/identify with any. It makes for a fun ride but it doesn’t provide much to invest in.

4 stars – you’d recommend this. Fun, violent, well written. There’s definite shades of
the Pulp Fiction ripoffs of the 90s (Two Days in the Valley) but enough time has passed
and this movie is too damn good not to stand on its own. And it’s got Tom Waits.

Random Recommendations
Tigerland (2000) – I could write a summary of the movie but it’ll sound like too many
other Vietnam war movies. What makes this a good movie: Colin Farrell’s stand out
performance and the supporting cast that drags the material out of the cliche mud.

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