DVD Release Rundown: TED, Bourne and Nolan’s First

Today’s home releases cover a few movies you might be interested: one of the biggest comedies of the year, an attempt to keep a kickstart an action franchise and the continuing struggles of prehistoric cartoons. Now, to be honest, I haven’t seen the last one, which is the latest in the Ice Age series, so I can’t really recommend it one way or the other. The other flicks…different story.

TED (2012) – take the guy that’s pretty much owning adult animation right now (Family Guy, American Dad, Cleveland Show) and give him a live action movie with an R-rating. You get a pretty hilarious flick about a guy (Mark Wahlberg) who doesn’t want to grow up and commit to anything, including his girlfriend (Mila Kunis). Thankfully he has an enabler: his living teddy bear. Don’t let the kids watch and avoid it if you’re one of those “easily offended” types, but this is a genuinely funny film. Just the visual of the stuffed bear you grew up with, added to the language you’d hear from two buddies at the nearest bar…after about 1am.

Jeremy Renner Rachel Weisz Edward Norton spy filmBourne Legacy (2012) – so they wanted to do another Bourne movie but the usual star (Matt Damon) and director (Paul Greengrass) didn’t like the script for this one. So what to do? Get the usual writer to direct, create a new character taking same Bourne spy program (Jeremy Renner) and surround it with familiar faces. Taking place in between the events of the third film, this movie is a solid OK. Where it hits: Renner can do action, the stunts are pretty great and it carries the feel of the previous films. Where it misses: it turns the spy program into super human druggies (pills to perform?), Renner isn’t Damon (maybe one day), and the ending is lacking an ending. Fine renter.

Christopher Nolan's first filmFollowing: Criterion Collection (1998) – Before he showed us a new Dark Knight, before he played with our memories in Momento, Christopher Nolan created a pretty solid first effort with this movie. Released today as part of the Criterion Collection (aka with details only uber-nerds would care about), it’s worth checking out in it’s raw, black and white loveliness. To entertain himself, a man starts following people to get a peek into their lives. If you’re guessing he ends up following the wrong person only to be pulled into a web of criminal activity, double-crosses and violence…good guess.


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