Review: The Impossible

THE SETUP: All they wanted to do was spend a little family time in Thailand, all they got was a face full of Tsunami, followed by heartache, survival and loss. I think that resort lost their business. (WARNING: the below trailer tells a little too much of the movie)

THE THOUGHTS: Holy crap. Holy crap. I don’t envy what Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor had to go through for this film. Of course that doesn’t pale in comparison to the horrors that those who were impacted by the 2004 Tsunami felt but their acting and this movie’s direction did give you an amazing sense of being there.

Let’s start with the effects. The only really big special effect is that initial wave hitting the resort. As you can see in the trailer, it’s almost unreal (not in a fake CGI way but a “I can’t believe this is really happening” way) to see this force of nature tearing through such a tranquil, happy setting. The force in which it hit them, and the subsequent affects of that damage, was raw and shocking. Though the movie didn’t really give you a sense of scope of the vastness of the devastation, it certainly pulled you in to how it affected this one family and those around them. I have to agree this was a better way of telling the story as it’s more relatable to hear a personal tale than one told of random, faceless people. You felt their loss and the frustration of being in a hopeless situation.

In order for you to feel something, the acting had to be pretty good too. And, it was. Though McGregor and the kids did a great job, the standout of the film had to be Naomi Watts, who did get the Academy Award nomination for her performance. You felt her pain, being swept along with her as she dealt with her loss and damage to her body. Amazing job.

The movie trailer really was the big miss for me. Weird to say I know but the trailer really did ruin a lot of the movie for me, from the awesome first wave to ruining surprises, to revealing too much about key moments, I wish marketing departments would stop doing that.

4 stars – you’d recommend this.  If you’re looking for over-the-top crazy, go see 2012 or Armageddon, this is a real disaster movie that hits home in its rawness and personal tone. This is a story told well.

Random Recommendations
The Perfect Storm (2000) – Another disaster true story, this one involving a fishing crew going out further than anyone to catch a big haul. The problem is Mother Nature has other ideas as she slams a couple of different storms together, shakes them up really nice and challenges the fishing crew to make it threw. George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and the director of Das Boot created an entreating ride.

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