Rental Rundown: Denzel, Psychos and a Warner Bros Buffet

It’s the second favouritest day for movie watchers – “rental release Tuesday”, behind “new release Fridays” and ahead of “once in a while in the summer Wednesdays”. Should I be copywriting these names? So looking to the big releases

Flight – Come for the crashing planes and director Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action filmmaking. Stay for an amazing, Oscar-nominated performance by Denzel Washington, who would have made a bigger impact on award season if he hadn’t been in a movie that came out the same year as Lincoln. A very interesting story of responsibility and of the challenges in not accepting the “easy route”.

This is usually the part where I suggest another movie to download and stream or to find at one of the slowing disappearing video stores. I couldn’t do it. Oh I wanted to. Nothing would have made me happier than to look at the movies that came out today and say, “you have GOT to see this” but it’s been slim pickins. So, what is there?

Well last week, there were two: Seven Psychopaths and Hotel Transylvania. The first was one I would definitely recommend with its sharp and comedic dialogue, great actors and dognapping storyline; the other is an Adam Sandler cartoon. Which I haven’t seen but have heard good things. Here’s the trailer if you need convincing, one-way or the other:

Don’t Forget – ReReleases and Collections

The only other movie worth mentioning today is another I actually haven’t seen. Which is really bad considering it’s celebrating its fourth decade. I’m going to have to check it out and I recommend you do the same (liking musicals will help). I did see the off Broadway play (yes, it included John Stamos) but the movie combo of Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli in her prime…I’m adding Cabaret: 40th Anniversary to my list.

If you have some cash to burn, or if you’re just looking for some good movies, Warner Bros. put out a couple of collections that are worth adding to any personal stash – 20 Film Collection: Best Pictures and Best of Warner Bros. 100 Film Collection. I won’t get too in depth into what’s on these but…OK, here’s a taste of the Academy Award winners:

What are you watching?

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