Movie Review of Oblivion

Movie Review of Oblivion

THE SETUP: So a big intergalactic war for Earth is over, which your side won, but your stuck on clean up duty until you can catch up to all the cool kids who have left the planet. There’s only two weeks to go until “bye bye” so shouldn’t now be a good time to get status quo curious and question-y?

THE THOUGHTS: I like science fiction but like with anything, it’s better when it’s done well and has substance. Tom Cruise has tried his hand at this genre before but from the trailers, it was hard to tell if this was going to be more Minority Report (good) or more Vanilla Sky (not so good). Amazingly, it hit somewhere in the middle.

YAYS: Visually, it’s a pretty gorgeous film. Directed by the same guy that did TRON Legacy, you can expect some pretty pictures. I saw it in IMAX which really took advantage of the landscape and flying scenes. Beautiful really.

The story. I said, I like science fiction and this had some fun and interesting ideas around who we are versus who we are suppose to be. It did make me want to go and read the original story this was based on. I think it’s suppose to be turned into a graphic novel.

Andrea Riseborough. Never seen her before but she was great. She was actually pulling off more presence and emotion than her co-stars. The rest of the cast were fine. Morgan Freeman just adds weight to any film, even when he really doesn’t do much (like here). Jamie Lannister…I mean Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (damn) and Zoe Bell did some show but not a lot of tell.

NAYS: I did mention the TRON Legacy guy directed it, right? Well then I should have seen the lack of emotion and depth a mile away. I know the Olga Kurylenko (love interest) character is suppose to have this emotional connection to Cruise but I just didn’t feel any chemistry from them. Since it’s kind of integral to the story, that’s a big deal.

The bad guy. Hey, even if I’m not sharing spoilers, you knew there was going to be one, and he/she/it sucked. Uninspired, unoriginal and unbelievably a rip-off from a much more well-known and better-handled movie…(Hint: red circle). If I’m waiting for a big reveal of the big bad at the end of my movie, there needs to be some kind of pay-off. Not here.

Movie Review of OBLIVION Rating:

3 stars  good movie, take a friend. For a movie about souls and identity, this film sure didn’t have a lot of either. It seemed to be more interested in telling a good science fiction story than a good human story.

Random Recommendations

Minority Report (2002) – It’s got all the good stuff: Spielberg directing, John “Superman” Williams musically scoring and based on a Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner) short story. Was it the best of any of those three? Nope. But it is a fun, intense, gritty chase and mystery movie. The special effects stand up pretty well and Tom Cruise, regardless of how he is as a person, provides a pretty entertaining ride.



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