Good Film Hunting Turns Up the SoundCloud

SoundCloud with Good Film Hunting

It was only a matter of time…SoundCloud.

My background is in radio. It’s not a long background but I did go through broadcast training through the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and made a (meagre) living for a further two years in two small stations in rural B.C. communities. And I loved it. Radio, and it’s new little brother “podcasting“, is an amazing medium to speak with people while they go about their lives. Called a “cold medium” because you can do other things at the same time, like cooking, commuting, walking, exercising, etc., it’s actually growing in popularity…well if you include the podcasting thing.

The reason I love radio is because of the one-on-one conversation it shares. Though I’m not jumping full-fledged into that forum, I am interested in dipping my big toe. Or at least the left of the middle toe (the one that didn’t get roast beef). So below I have my first attempt. Actually, it’s my second attempt but I wasn’t ready to share my introductory shame with you.

The plan: More SoundCloud reviews. With my hope of turning this Good Film Hunting thing into a radio friendly feature, I figured the best way to do that is to show the world (or the 3 people reading this) what I sound like. Let me know what you think? Be gentle.

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