Movie Review of Star Trek into Darkness

movie review of star trek into darkness

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m going to try to do something a little different. Instead of full text reviews, I’ll be providing script versions of the audiocasts of the reviews.Why? Well, two reasons. 1) I use to be in radio and would like to sharpen those skills again, and 2) I’m really interested in doing a regular radio feature and the only way I can pique interest is if they know what I actually sound like. Yep, madness to my method (or is it the other way around?)

Here’s my movie review of Star Trek into Darkness. Let me know what you think.

What Happened

–       Spock and Kirk are pulled into a revenge mission when a mysterious guy who looks like the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes goes on a Starfleet killing spree.

What’s Good

–       Action – Star Trek has come a long way since the more cerebral TV episodes and early movies. Now it’s all about the action, photon torpedoes and jumping from large heights…lots of jumping. But this is a summer blockbuster and when it comes to the action, it delivers.

–       Acting – Second time out for these new crew and they’re feeling pretty comfortable in their shoes. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto have settled into their roles well as Kirk and Spock, playing off each other as we’d expect them too.

–       Unfortunately, the rest of the crew doesn’t get as much screen time to show how they’re doing.

What’s Bad

–       Lots of plot holes – Unfortunately, the plot posts more questions than answers. Why did the bad guy stay on that planet? How can a Tribble not move after a huge explosion? So instead of leaving the movie fired up like we did with the last one, you’ll be more focused on the plot holes.

–       Rely too much on the history (relationship, Old Spock) – Speaking of one of the problems, for a movie that’s suppose to be starting the franchise over from scratch, the buddy buddy of Kirk and Spock seemed forced. Especially in the big climactic “big sacrifice” scene.

What’s the Decision

–       3/5 stars. Good summer flick, OK Star Trek movie. Next time around, I’d like 2 things:

–                   1) a little more science with my fiction.

–                   2) an original movie and not a pseudo remake of Star Trek 2.

I’m Russel Lolacher, thanks for joining Good Film Hunting.

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  1. Bang on with the “two things”…. Overall great movie, but could use some beefing up.

  2. Agreed. Unfortunately to be a “blockbuster”, Hollywood looks to appeal to the lowest common denominator aka more explosions, less brainpower. That can certainly be entertaining but look at the last 3 Star Wars movies with its talk of trade negotiations and now the Star Trek reboot, looks like they’ve traded places.
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