Movie Review of Fast and Furious 6

movie review of fast and furious 6

Does the latest instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise share the same amount of octane as it’s recent predecessor’s? Or does it die on the starting line? Tired of puns? Here’s my movie review of Fast and Furious 6.

What Happened

–       You didn’t think Dominic and the team would be hiding from the law for long did you?

–       Not when The Rock needs them to stop an international criminal and bring home one of their own, long thought dead.

What’s Good

–       Action – You expect two things from a Fast and Furious movie: fast cars and crazy stunts.

–       Done and done.

–       And if you thought the last movie had some insane, unrealistic craziness, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

–       But when we see these movies, that’s what we want and that’s what we expect.

–       Formula – And that’s one of the great things about what the Fast and Furious franchise has become: guaranteed fun.

–       Not smart fun. Popcorn fun.

–       If you liked the other movies, you’ll like this. And considering the money it’s made, lots of you do.

What’s Bad

–       Script – Some of the lines in this are pretty painful to hear actual, real people say. The writers must written great action sequences but left the words as placeholders to get to the next explosion.

–       Acting – A painful script doesn’t make it easy for actors to look good. Oh they try but it feels really cardboard. If there were any points for acting, it’s the fight sequences, especially Gina Corrano and Michelle Rodriguez. Very cool.

What’s the Decision

–       3/5 stars. Fast and Furious 6 barely slows down, taking you for one hell of  a ride. Just don’t expect to stay with you after it’s over.

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