Movie Review of Mud

movie review of mud the movie

Matthew McConaughey is looking to mix it up around his image, taking “not so romantic comedy” roles lately. There was Bernie, there was Killer Joe, and then there’s Mud. I’d recommend the first two and certainly suggest that latest. My movie review of Mud:

What Happened

–       Alright, alright, alright.

–       Two kids find a scraggly yet still shirt-optional Matthew McConaughey, up river, waiting for his girlfriend to come get him.

–       Problem is, he’s not giving them the whole story…and is that a gun in his pocket?

What’s Good

–       Narrative: – we’ve seen the boy loves the wrong girl story tons of times

–       but it’s pretty cool to see it from the outside looking in as we learn McConaughy’s story through the eyes of two young teenagers. Just good storytelling.

–       Acting: So McConaughy can act. Reese Witherspoon as his suffering girlfriend can too. Heck, everyone in this is bringing their A-game and it’s fun to watch. Keeping you hooked from the beginning.

What’s Bad

–       If I had one complaint, it was too much of a good thing.

–       This was not a movie that needed 130 minutes to tell its tale.

–       A good 20minute shave would have helped move it along.

What’s the Decision

–       5/5 stars. Great acting, Interesting plot, Well told. For a dramatic, crime, mystery, romance, coming-of-age story, it’s pretty good.

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