Movie Review of Now You See Me

Movie Review of Now You See Me

The Prestige, The Illusionist, some flick called “Death Defying Acts” with Guy Pearce and Catherine Zeta-Jones I’ve never heard of before…Hollywood has flirted with making movies about magicians. Amazingly, there aren’t as many as you would think. But apparently it’s time to try again. Here’s a movie review of Now You See Me: a mix of crime, magic and mystery (I promise not to repeat that) but do they pull it off?

What Happened

A group of smarmy magicians led by Woody Harrelson and Zombieland’s Jesse Eisenberg set out on some mission we don’t know the purpose of, by someone we don’t know. It’s all annoyingly mysterious. The hope is they can stay one step ahead of Morgan Freeman and the FBI to pull it off.

What’s Good

It’s Dynamic – The look and feel of this movie is great. From the magic shows to the chase scenes, there’s lots of eye candy for this film to fit into the summer season.

Actors are having fun – The actors in this flick seem to understand the kind of film they’re in. From Mark Ruffalo to Michael Caine, you can tell they’re not trying to overdue it and just have fun. Speaking of which, I wish there was more Dave Franco in this. Great addition and he pulls off a great fight scene.

What’s Bad

We don’t get to know our “heroes” at all – lots of characters moving the story forward but we don’t know anything about almost all of them. If we don’t know them, it’s hard to care about them.

Less CGI with my magic please – I like movies about magic, and I like movies about magicians. They shouldn’t mix too much. Though they try to explain their tricks, there’s some obvious use of special effects. Doesn’t work.

And in the end, we really don’t really end up understanding what the big payoff was for the Magicians. Thanks for that.

What’s the Decision

3/5 stars. A lot of smoke and mirrors make it an entertaining movie, just not a good one.


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