Movie Review of Man of Steel

movie review of man of steel

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It’s been a long and bumpy ride since 1978’s Superman and Christopher Reeves‘ break out performance. It’s been good (Superman II) and it’s been bad (the rest) but with the resurgence of comic book movies, it was only a matter of time before they tried again. Heck, it’s been seven years since the last, misfired attempt with Superman Returns. But, with Zack “300, Watchmen” Snyder directing and Christopher “I saved Batman” Nolan producing, can they get the DC comics book movies back on track instead of being overshadowed by Marvel and The Avengers?

What Happened

A kid from an alien world grows up on Earth, conflicted about who he is and his place in our world. And, just when he thinks he’s figured it out, more aliens show up to make it harder for him. With lasers and punching.

What’s Good

The Story – Finally a good Superman movie. It’s taken a few decades but the tale of Clark Kent, his two fathers and his introduction to the masses was handled really well. It’s hard to pull off those tights but Henry Cavill wears it well.

Casting – Speaking casting, they chose really well. From Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe as Superman’s Dads to Amy Adam’s Lois Lane to Michael Shannon’s General Zod. They all added something to their roles.

The Action – The special effects and actions scenes were at the level of wow. We’ve wanted to see what a knockdown fight between superpowers looks like. This brings it.

What’s Bad

The dialogue is painful. It seemed like everyone was talking in speeches.  What works in a comic book doesn’t necessarily work as part of a conversation.

The Seriousness – Wow this was moody. We already have a Dark Knight thank you very much. Lighten up Superman. We have to wait almost 2 and a half hours before you smile.

What’s the Decision

4/5 stars. A pretty great summer blockbuster, a phenomenal Superman movie.


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