Movie Review of World War Z

Movie Review of World War Z

Max Brooks wrote a pretty great zombie apocalypse book with World War Z. Spanning the globe, each chapter, though separate stories, build on each other to illustrate how different countries, different ideologies and different cultures deal with with a zombie invasion. Very smart and very well told. But how the hell do you make that into a movie? Well, Brad Pitt and his Plan B production company decided to give it a try. My movie review of World War Z:

What Happened

From Russia to America, zombies are overrunning the world. To find a cure, the United Nations must send a crack team to investigate how it all started. And Brad Pitt is leading them. Be worried.

What’s Good

 The Intensity – for a movie light on graphic gore, which you would expect from a zombie movie, there’s a lot of really intense moments. From small scale attacks to large invasions, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Brad Pitt – Brad has never led a summer action blockbuster he does just fine. He’s more cerebral than punchy but pulls it off.

What’s Bad

The Ending – What kind of ending was that? When we go see a film, we want to have some sort of resolution at the end. This seemed more interested in keeping it open for sequels.

The Horror – for a zombie movie, this was pretty sanitary. The Walking Dead TV show has far more guts and gore than this flick. Be warned.

What’s the Decision

3/5 stars. A solid thriller with some intense zombie action that feels a little toothless in it’s final execution

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