What Your Movie Time Says About You

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Contrary to popular belief, we’re still going to the movie theatre. Whether it’s a matinee, cheap Tuesdays (I remember $2.50 Tuesdays), the early show, late show or midnight sneak peek…we all have our preferred time to grab our popcorn and our seat before the lights go down.

But what does your movie time say about you?

Noon-2pm (The no-Lifer):

If you’re going to the theatre at this time, it’s probably because you don’t have much else going on in your life. Most of the population aren’t even thinking “MOVIE!” at this time or even think it’s an option. The only other categories are film reviewers or bloggers who see movie-going as part of their work, rather than a bit of entertainment or new parents who want to go to a movie but don’t want to bother anyone with their children.

3pm to 5pm (The Oddball)

You’re a little hard to pin down, Oddball. You have shades of the noon to 2pm crowd in you but you’re not that dedicated or thoughtful. You either missed the matinee or you’re trying to avoid doing your 9 to 5 job.

6pm-8pm (The Conformist)

Isn’t this the time of day when everyone goes to the movies? You’re not one to buck the trend and do something crazy like a matinee or late show. Oh no, not you. You want to hang out with everyone else, stick to what’s normal because this is when you are suppose to go to the theatre, right?

9pm-11pm (The Cool Kid)

Who the hell stays up this late? You do. You look at the movie times and the 10:10 show for that 3 hour super-hero movie and thing, “totally doable.” Plus, there will be less kids and parents in the crowd.  If you’re in this category, you’re probably a high school kid (with a car) or a college student. Most of the over 30s are thinking this might be a bit late.

Midnight showing (The Lifer)

It’s 11:45pm, why aren’t you sleeping? Because the latest blockbuster, extravaganza is opening and, to tap into your geeky heart, you’re getting it in the wee hours of the morning. You are the type to line up (queue) for what you love (movies, books, video games) and enjoy showing that love so proudly. Which is fine but everyone else is asleep. FYI – this covers you who go to late night showings of Rocky Horror Picture show too.

So, what movie time are you? (Hey, I’m just happy you still go to the movie theatre).

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