Movie Review of The Wolverine

movie review of the Wolverine

Wolverine has long been one of my favourite comic book heroes. When he’s written well, it’s hard to beat the strength of story: lone warrior in conflict with his animal instincts and the hard decisions he’s often forced to make. (hehe, that was fun to write but a little dramatic). One of the best story lines of all time was courtesy of Frank Miller and Chris Claremont in their 1982 limited series called WOLVERINE. In it, Logan travels to japan and gets involved in the criminal underground. The latest attempt to bring Hugh Jackman back (for the 6th time) is attempting to pull from the source material while trying to cleanse our minds of X-men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Which we really need to happen. Here’s my movie review of The Wolverine:

What Happened

Everyone’s favourite X-man has become a Debbie Downer, hiding in the woods to get over some bad things he did. For a pick-me-up, he goes to Japan to grant a man’s dying request, that he didn’t know included ninjas, stealing his super powers, falling in love, and ninjas.

What’s Good

The Story – Well, the first 2/3rds anyway. Nice to see a super hero film that didn’t involve taking over the planet or destroying the capitalist regime. A man looking for purpose in his life, with claws.

Casting – Hugh Jackman does his usual great job as Wolverine. A few surprises too including Rila Fukushima as Yukio and Famke Jensen as the ghost of Jean Grey. Yukio pulled off the sidekick action while Famke added some much needed pathos.

The Action – ninjas!!!!!!!

What’s Bad

The Story – the last third. If it had actually stayed more realistic and left the cartoony comic booky stuff alone, it would have been a pretty great film. Instead, it doesn’t stick the landing.

Bad Guys – actually, all the bad guys in this were pretty painful, and two-dimensional. Even the main baddie, who we learn a little bit about from flashbacks, is pretty uninteresting.

What’s the Decision

3/5 stars. The best we’ve seen Wolverine since X-men 2 but ironically is hurt by its comic book ending.


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