Movie Review of Elysium

Movie Review of Elysium

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A few years ago, a new director named Neill Blomkamp was given a small amount of money ($40 million) from Peter Jackson that was apparently suppose to go to some HALO video game movie that never happened. The Vancouver Film School grad to0k that cash and made one of the most innovative and cool sci-fi movies in recent memory: District 9. And, according to IMDB, hasn’t really done much such. This is about his follow up, a movie review of Elysium.

What Happened

The future sucks unless you got money. The poor people live in an Earth ghetto while the rich have literally created a deluxe apartment in the sky called Elysium. Matt Damon has had enough and is looking to even the playing field. Jodie Foster doesn’t agree.

What’s Good

I love science fiction that feels dirty and real. Really the opposite of Star Trek. Writer/Director Neill Blomkamp did an amazing job with District 9 and he doesn’t again here.

From the space ships to the robot officers to Elysium, it all felt like a part of the world and not just good CGI

Damon and Foster are good, but we kind of expect them to be. Sharlto Copley is fantastic. You’ll barely recognize the District 9 star, here as a psychopathic mercenary. He brings the evil.

What’s Bad

The story was a little too straight forward. Yes, it’s a cool real-world setting but this is a pretty paint-by-numbers story with little surprises

The problem with straight forward A to B stories, not much room for overly interesting characters. Everyone seems pretty one dimensional, even Damon who they try to give a backstory to.

What’s the Decision

3.5/5 stars. Movies are about escapism and Elysium takes us away for a little while with a pretty fun story. Am I asking for too much depth from a summer movie?




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