CinemaSpiel Podcast Episode One – Victoria Film Festival, Philip Seymour Hoffman

CInemaSpiel podcast

So, I like radio. I worked in it for a couple of years but not very long. Not that I didn’t love the medium, I just didn’t like not eating and barely paying rent. You know, those little things. But I still think audio is one of the most effective ways to connect and communicate with and to others. Oh, and I like movies.

So when eOne Films representative Jason Whyte and movie review writer Kyle Wells approached me to be a part of a movie discussion podcast, what was I going to say? No? Fat chance. We’re still in the process of launching a host website and to get it on iTunes but we wanted to get the ball rolling.

Here’s our first show. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you didn’t and did like. We’re a work in progress.

CinemaSpiel: Episode One

Show Notes:


–        Each member introduces themselves, experience with film and first movie you saw in theatre/alone.

–        Introduce intention of show aka The WHY of the podcast (mission statement)


What’s News

  • Each host brings a piece of timely/topical news they’ve heard and found interesting.

keep to industry news rather than entertainment gossip (unless the gossip impacts industry news)

FilmFest Fun – Victoria International Film Festival (Feb 7-16)

  • Summarize event
  • Jason and Kyle each share their TOP 5 of this year’s upcoming festival
  • Jason and Kyle share their favourite moments from previous VIFF/what to expect

Review – Worth it? (where we ask the question – Is it worth $14 theatre/worth $5 rental?)

–        New releases: Labour Day, That Awkward Moment

–        Upcoming rentals: About Time, Dallas Buyers Club, Escape Plan, Romeo and Juliet

WTH is on Netflix?

  • Russel shares his recommendation for a Netflix film.

(note – host recommendation is rotated per show)

Reader Email/Comments

  • None this week but mention this is where we’d use them

Extro – Teaser

  • Follow Jason on Twitter @Jason_Whyte
  • Follow Kyle on Twitter @CineFileBlog
  • Follow Russel on Twitter @goodfilmhunting
  • Tease Next week’s show: More VIFF, some Academy Award talk, invite feedback and comments
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