Good Film Picks for the 2013 Academy Awards

Oscar ceremony

Hello little naked gold man. Sure there are other award shows that give out trinkets in the form of globes and comedy/tragedy masks, but this is the big one. The “grand pooba.” The rest are for show, this is for bragging rights. It’s the 85th annual Academy Awards. Can’t believe it’s been a year since […]

Good Film Ironman: Leonardo DiCaprio

Good Film Ironman

Unfortunately now, when most people hear the term “ironman” and movies, they think of Robert Downey Jr. heroics and metal underwear. Don’t get me wrong, Iron Man is a good movie, but what I’m referring to is in line with the storied competition. The Ironman – overcoming crazy odds to outlast and outperform under unbelievable […]

Valentine’s Day: What You Think is the Best Romantic Movie

Best Valentine's Movie

Feel it in the air? The weather is slowly changing from white to rain (or the other way around for some other hemispheres), the days are getting longer and…and…the special someone in your life is expecting a little “something, something” as a demonstration of your love. Yep, it be Valentine’s Day. And nothing helps the […]

5 Movies for People Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Films for people who hate valentine's day

Sorry romantics, some people really, really hate Valentine’s Day. Usually these people fall into two camps: 1)   Those that aren’t in a relationship and don’t need a reminder that they aren’t in one. 2)   Those that feel you should be doing something for your significant other all year round and don’t need a commercialized push […]

Rental Rundown: Denzel, Psychos and a Warner Bros Buffet

Rental Rundown

It’s the second favouritest day for movie watchers – “rental release Tuesday”, behind “new release Fridays” and ahead of “once in a while in the summer Wednesdays”. Should I be copywriting these names? So looking to the big releases Flight – Come for the crashing planes and director Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action filmmaking. […]