Remembering the Other Star Trek Movies

star trek movies

At the end of J.J. Abram’s reboot of the Star Trek franchise, a newly minted Captain Kirk turns to his buddy “Bones” McCoy and tells him to, “Buckle Up”. Well if the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailers are any indication, it looks like you’ll be doing the same for the latest instalment. But, before Simon Pegg’s […]

The Balcony is Closed: R.I.P. Roger Ebert

Film Critic dies

Roger Ebert died today. I’ve never met him. I’ve barely read anything he’s shared over the last few years, whether it was his books, blogs or reviews. I don’t know the man. But I owe him. Roger Ebert showed me how to answer the “why” when it came to movies. Why was it good? Why […]

Missed or Forgotten: Barely Brad Pitt

Supporting Actor roles

I know, I know. This Good Film Hunting category is usually reserved for those filmmakers that are either looking back at former glory (Glory…good movie, check it out) or are reinventing themselves so often, it’s nice to be reminded of what they’ve accomplished. Brad, well, he doesn’t really fit in either category. He’s got a […]

Missed or Forgotten: Johnny Depp

Star of Pirates of the Caribbean

THE SETUP: He isn’t just Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes, this is how he made the majority of his money and won the hearts of children everywhere…but is it acting or just going for over-the-top? Don’t get me wrong, the first Pirates of the Carribean was brilliant. Still is. But the man use to be known […]

Missed or Forgotten: Jennifer Lopez

Missed and forgotten movies

THE SETUP: You could almost hear the nail in the coffin when Jennifer Lopez decided to do the generic romantic comedy The Wedding Planner. Before that, she was doing some pretty great films – sexy, original, edgy, dark…all the good stuff. Unfortunately, once she hit “romcom” status, we soon were blasted with Jenny from the […]