Good Film Hunting Turns Up the SoundCloud

SoundCloud with Good Film Hunting

It was only a matter of time…SoundCloud. My background is in radio. It’s not a long background but I did go through broadcast training through the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and made a (meagre) living for a further two years in two small stations in rural B.C. communities. And I loved it. Radio, […]

Why Do Summer Blockbuster Movies Begin in May?

summer blockbuster movie

Tis’ the season, whether you’re a hard core movie lover or a casual viewer, to hit up the summer blockbuster movies when they come to town.  Yes, Hollywood puts on quite a show to make sure they have everyone scrambling to be first in line for a string of blockbusters which populate the show times […]

Are Michael Bay Movies Good?

Michael Bay movies

What is the definition of a good movie? It’s a hard question to answer and it’s a big reason why I started this blog. Michael Bay movies, including his new one Pain and Gain hitting theatres this weekend, tends to be a target for this question so let’s take a look at everyone’s favourite mega-egotistical cinematic punching […]

New Full Length Man of Steel Trailer Soars

superman movie trailer

I grew up on Christopher Reeve and Superman 2. I suffered through Richard Pryor and Nuclear Man. I wanted to love Superman Returns but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. This may be the movie my 10-year-old self has been waiting for and my 38-year-old will pay to see. June 14th? I’m there. I geeked […]

3 Reasons to Love Baseball Movies, not Baseball

baseball movies

  I’ve never, ever liked baseball. I’ve sat through a few games, even gone to a few. Yep, I even was excited when the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series…both times, but I’ve never been one to follow stats, have a favourite player or care about October (sorry, October). Funny thing is I’ve always […]