CinemaSpiel Podcast Episode One – Victoria Film Festival, Philip Seymour Hoffman

CInemaSpiel podcast

So, I like radio. I worked in it for a couple of years but not very long. Not that I didn’t love the medium, I just didn’t like not eating and barely paying rent. You know, those little things. But I still think audio is one of the most effective ways to connect and communicate […]

Good Film Ironman: Leonardo DiCaprio

Good Film Ironman

Unfortunately now, when most people hear the term “ironman” and movies, they think of Robert Downey Jr. heroics and metal underwear. Don’t get me wrong, Iron Man is a good movie, but what I’m referring to is in line with the storied competition. The Ironman – overcoming crazy odds to outlast and outperform under unbelievable […]

Review: Rust and Bone

De rouille et d'os French Film

THE SETUP: Yes, life can suck even in France. Whether you’re a single dad (Matthias Schoenaerts) with anger and responsibility issues or a whale trainer (Marion Cotillard) fighting to not let a tragedy define her, it’s all in how you handle what gets thrown at you and how many people you piss off along the […]

5 Great Halloween Movies for People Who Hate Horror

smart but scary holiday flicks

I really, really, really do not enjoy horror movies. Maybe it’s the gore (probably). Maybe it’s the terrible acting (a little bit). Maybe it’s the fact things jump out at you making you feel uncomfortable in your own skin when all you wanted to do was rent a movie to relax and forget about your […]