What Your Movie Time Says About You

movie times

Contrary to popular belief, we’re still going to the movie theatre. Whether it’s a matinee, cheap Tuesdays (I remember $2.50 Tuesdays), the early show, late show or midnight sneak peek…we all have our preferred time to grab our popcorn and our seat before the lights go down. But what does your movie time say about you? […]

Rental vs Theatre: Where Do You Prefer to Watch Movies?

streaming or going to a film

So you’re at home and there’s a movie that needs seeing. Do you get off your couch and make your way to the local Cineplex or do you tell your cable provider/Apple TV/PS3/etc. that you’d like to rent it? It’s a question that has been burning since the beginning of time (how’s that for exaggeration?) […]

What Makes You Want to See a Movie?

film viewing

The light dims. Usually we’d say the “curtain raises” but we’ve just sat through seven Scotiabank and Telus commercials. The trailers start. After about 15 minutes, you’ve been blasted with about five different mini-movies, all with an attempt to bring you back to the theatre to spend money from our ever-dwindling entertainment budget. Did it […]

The Long Long List of Movie Shame

Films I need to see

I’m a movie geek. There’s no denying that. Why do I write about movies? Because it saves my friends valuable time from having to listen to me talk to them about movies. As a lover of film, I’m always looking to fill the gaps of ones I may have missed. Either because I wasn’t aware of […]

Review: Despicable Me

Steve Carrell Jason Segal animated film

Dark, fun, jaw-dropping animation eye-candy that may be evil and despicable but it also provides a warm, action-filled 90 minutes at the movie theatre…I just would have liked a little more connection to the characters, but just a little. First-time directors (at least I’m calling them that because they really haven’t done much) make a […]