6 Good Movies for Christmas Gifts

film for your friends and family

It’s the time of year when you start counting the shopping days until Christmas. Either you started a month ago (usually because you have kids…or are one) or you remembered to start counting when you began reading this blog, but no matter the case, you have some buying to do. I thought I’d throw you […]

Review: Avatar

Awesome in the literal sense.  Full of awe.  An interesting way of using the latest in CGI to show the beauty of nature, this movie truly brought me to a fully realized world and made me care about characters that weren’t actually there in a place that didn’t actually exist. Labeled “the most expensive movie […]

Review: A Serious Man

Coen Brothers film

A movie that I’m sure critics will love but as far as entertaining me with a  sense of purpose, story and feeling…yeah, didn’t happen. I love me some Cohen brothers – Raising Arizona, Big Lebowski, Fargo, No Country for Old Men.  With very few missteps (I’m looking at you Ladykillers), these guy usually hit it […]