Movie Review of World War Z

Movie Review of World War Z

Max Brooks wrote a pretty great zombie apocalypse book with World War Z. Spanning the globe, each chapter, though separate stories, build on each other to illustrate how different countries, different ideologies and different cultures deal with with a zombie invasion. Very smart and very well told. But how the hell do you make that […]

Review: Killing Them Softly

Brad Pitt and a mobster movie

THE SETUP: If you’re going to rob mobsters, you better be good at your job. If not, the hit man (Brad Pitt) who comes after you probably will be. THE THOUGHTS:  I’m a fan of mob movies, especially those that really dig into the characters behind the violence. Goodfellas is a great example. Pulp Fiction […]

Missed or Forgotten: Barely Brad Pitt

Supporting Actor roles

I know, I know. This Good Film Hunting category is usually reserved for those filmmakers that are either looking back at former glory (Glory…good movie, check it out) or are reinventing themselves so often, it’s nice to be reminded of what they’ve accomplished. Brad, well, he doesn’t really fit in either category. He’s got a […]

Review: Moneyball

Billy Beane changes baseball

THE SETUP: The manager for the Oakland Athletics (Brad Pitt) is stuck with little money and an interest in non-competitiveness from the team’s owner. Looking to try something different, he hires an economics graduate (Jonah Hill) to implement a very unpopular computerized method of drafting players called “moneyball”. THE THOUGHTS: I’m not a fan of […]