Review: GI Joe: Retaliation

Greatest American Heroes

THE SETUP: Action figures from the 80s come to life to fight their arch-nemesis (or is this nemisi?), avenge their dead, clear their names, battle ninjas and fight the U.S. president. Hey, they aren’t called “action” figures for nothing. THE THOUGHTS:  I need to get two things off my chest. 1) I grew up with […]

Review: Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh drug murder mystery

THE SETUP: Wouldn’t it suck if your whole life was shattered when your husband is sent to prison? There’s therapy for that. Wouldn’t it suck more if you lose everything while waiting four years for him to get out of prison? There’s a drug for that. Wouldn’t it suck the most if you then kill […]

Speed Hunting: Round-Up of Recent Worthwhile Movies

Silent Film Winner of Oscar

My bad. I’ve been away from my movie-review blogging duties for some time so I thought I’d go for the “wham-bam” approach. Just tell you which movies are worth a look from the last few months. As usual, your kudos, disagreements and suggestions are always welcome in the comments. The Artist – It’s quiet. It’s […]