Review: Promised Land

Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon film

THE SETUP: “Why can’t these farmers understand that it’s more important to go for the money than save their pride?” thinks a corporate sales guy (Matt Damon) trying to buy local farmer drilling rights. “And why’s this hippy that looks like Jim from the Office trying to mess with my job?” THE THOUGHTS: The last […]

Review: True Grit

Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in a John Wayne Remake

THE SETUP: Smartass (in a good way) and independent teen (Hailee Steinfeld) hires “Rooster” Cogburn, a drunk, trigger-happy U.S. Marshall (Jeff Bridges), and a deceptively useless Texas Ranger (Matt Damon) to hunt down the cowardly thief who killed her Pa (Josh Brolin). [youtube]vXCmUEaPQPM[/youtube] THE THOUGHTS: I know producers/directors Cohen Brothers stress this movie is based […]