Rental Rundown: Denzel, Psychos and a Warner Bros Buffet

Rental Rundown

It’s the second favouritest day for movie watchers – “rental release Tuesday”, behind “new release Fridays” and ahead of “once in a while in the summer Wednesdays”. Should I be copywriting these names? So looking to the big releases Flight – Come for the crashing planes and director Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action filmmaking. […]

Review: Flight

Denzel Washington Robert Zemekis movie

THE SETUP: Sure Denzel Washington can save lives by flying a plane upside down, but he’s got this pesky alcoholism problem that may tip him more towards criminal than hero. THE THOUGHTS: Well ’tis the season for all the studios, hoping to get Academy Award nominations, to dump their movies for the holidays (You want […]

Review: The Book of Eli

Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman in post-apocalyptic flick

A post-apocalyptic world of Denzel ass-kicking, Mila annoying and Oldman menacing entertains but doesn’t thrill for two hours.  It just feels like we’ve seen it before, only less biblical.  It’s Mad Denzel: The Road Prophet/Warrior. The Hughes Bros. return from a nine-year absence (last film – From Hell) to bring us The Book of Eli: […]