Review: Life of Pi

God, faith and survival

THE SETUP: A man (younger man Suraj Sharma, older man Irrfan Khan) recounts his life story, filled with stupid first names, sinking ships, survival at sea, a bengal tiger and finding God…or Gods. THE THOUGHTS: Reviewing a movie based on a book always has its challenges. On one side, if I didn’t read the book, […]

Review: 127 Hours

James Franco in a Danny Boyle film

THE SETUP: Idiotic but resourceful loner (James Franco) goes exploring in the bush only to find himself pinned under an immovable rock by his right arm. Did I mention he didn’t tell anyone where he was? True story. [youtube]OlhLOWTnVoQ[/youtube] THE THOUGHTS: This movie is a one-man show. Much like Tom Hanks’ Castaway, the whole film […]