Review: Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson crime thriller

Twists, turns, betrayals, pain, loss, shots to the head and a pissed off Mel Gibson.  Edge of Darkness is a movie that exudes pain while telling a gripping tale of corruption on multiple levels.  And Mel’s pissed off. Directed by Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale), this is a multi-layered story where you’re not allowed to turn […]

Review: The Men Who Stare at Goats

Sorry for the delay, life got in the way.  (I’m a poet and don’t know it.  I hope I don’t show it….yes, I’m 12) I’m back on the blog track with pseudo-comedy, Men Who Stare at Goats.  An interesting story that is not funny enough, action-packed enough, …or really engrossing enough to be recommended beyond a rental. […]