Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

bryan Singer beanstalk fairy tale

THE SETUP: Once upon a time, a kid with no real ambition sells his uncle’s horse for some magic beans. Fast forward to beanstalk, a little further you get giants…who have a taste for human blood and a need to start a war to get it. I’m sure there will be some sort of fairy […]

Review: The Impossible

Tsunami disaster flick

THE SETUP: All they wanted to do was spend a little family time in Thailand, all they got was a face full of Tsunami, followed by heartache, survival and loss. I think that resort lost their business. (WARNING: the below trailer tells a little too much of the movie) THE THOUGHTS: Holy crap. Holy crap. […]

Review: The Ghost Writer

Pierce Brosnan and Ewan MacGregor

A smart thriller with a classic “they don’t make movies like this anymore” feeling,  you’ll follow every turn until the very last second of The Ghost Writer. Leave your personal opinions about Roman Polanski at the door, the man can direct suspense. With an impressive cast, the gloomy backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard (really Germany), and […]