Pic-A-Flic Video: A Letter to Roger Ebert

death of a movie critic

Yesterday, legendary movie critic and Pulitzer Prize Winner Roger Ebert passed away. He will be greatly missed. I shared my thoughts on his passing in a blog, but I also came across another’s words on what Ebert meant to him. Pic-A-Flic is an iconic video store and long-time fixture in the Cook St. Village area […]

The Balcony is Closed: R.I.P. Roger Ebert

Film Critic dies

Roger Ebert died today. I’ve never met him. I’ve barely read anything he’s shared over the last few years, whether it was his books, blogs or reviews. I don’t know the man. But I owe him. Roger Ebert showed me how to answer the “why” when it came to movies. Why was it good? Why […]