Movie Review of Iron Man 3

movie review of iron man 3

THE SETUP: The life of a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist can be tough. This guy may have a live-in girlfriend that looks like Gwyneth Paltrow but he’s dealing with some pretty heady anxiety since he last saved the earth. Now a world terrorist wants to make his life suck a little more. Good thing he’s […]

Review: The King’s Speech

British King Learns to speak

The King’s Speech is a well-written, heartfelt and down to Earth drama about the Royal family…extra stress on the word “family.” [youtube]-aS4hoOSlzo[/youtube] Tom Hooper, who hasn’t really done any directing of note before this, steps up his game to deliver an engaging snapshot of royal life and the human personalities behind it. This movie should […]

Review: The Road

Cormac McCarthy book

What I learned from watching The Road: the end of the world sucks.  Cannibals aren’t your friends.  Food is hard to come by.  And this movie is the opposite of 2012 – well acted and a great character study on survival. From the author of No Country For Old Men, we get a view of […]