Review: 42

baseball history

  THE SETUP: Being the first at anything usually sucks. I’m pretty sure even Neil Armstrong was crapping himself using equipment that today we would probably sell on Craigslist for a 100 bucks. Now try being the first black baseball player in all white baseball, hated by half the audience and set to unrealistic standards […]

Oval Office Appeal: Five Good Presidential Movies

American presidential flicks

It’s good to be the President, especially if you’re in the movies. Next Tuesday, Lincoln is released on video (do we even say “video” anymore? Streaming?) and not one but TWO movies about attacks on the White House will be gracing the big screen this year. Olympus has Fallen gets released tomorrow (March 22, 2013) […]

Review: Cowboys and Aliens

wester meets science fiction with james bond and indiana jones

THE SETUP: A man (Daniel Craig) wakes up with memory loss and a hi-tech bracelet in the Wild West only to find that the journey to get back what he lost is interrupted by a hard-ass rancher (Harrison Ford), a mysterious woman (Olivia Wilde) and a group of aliens, which may actually be responsible for […]